Antiracism and Social Justice Advocacy

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Holy Cross is a Catholic school committed to forming an inclusive community that believes that courageous, compassionate, and scholarly women can change the world. Our mission statement boldly states that we are dedicated to educating women in a Christ-centered community which values diversity. It further declares that we are committed to developing women who responsibly embrace the social, spiritual and intellectual challenges of the world. Today’s challenges are complex. The recent tragic incidents of deadly violence in our country remind us that we still have much work to do to create an inclusive community and address the challenge of undoing the structural and sustained racism that exists today.

Our school serves as a gathering place for much more than education. It must serve as a place where we learn to appreciate and understand our differences and build a community that is safe and supportive for all.

We recommit to helping our students learn about our country’s long and continuing struggle to live our ideals of liberty and justice for all.

As a Catholic community of faith, we reaffirm our conviction that racism has no place – anywhere.

Holy Cross has formed an Antiracism and Social Justice Advocacy Team that serves as a practical, supportive body for students, faculty, and parents.

The four following goals have been developed:

  • Understanding the role of racism in our classrooms, our curricula and campus life.
  • Enhancing the school’s capacity (skills and resources) for candid and challenging, yet respectful dialogue and action addressing racial equality and justice within our community and the larger society.
  • Creating opportunities for awareness of the multiple dimensions of racism, social power, and faith as a factor for reconciliation and redemption in social relationships.
  • Developing strategies for becoming an anti-racist school.

Mission Statement: The Academy of the Holy Cross, a Catholic college preparatory school sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Cross since 1868, is dedicated to educating young women in a Christ-centered community which values diversity. The Academy is committed to developing women of courage, compassion and scholarship who responsibly embrace the social, spiritual and intellectual challenges of the world.

Antiracism and Social Justice Advocacy Team

Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown

Director of Human Resources
Nancy Salmeron

Nancy Salmeron

Assistant Director of Admissions
Haweya Farah

Haweya Farah

Inclusion Teacher, Diversity Program Advisor
Maika Walker

Maika Walker

Director of Social Justice

Antiracism and Social Justice Advocacy (ARSJA) Board

Arsema Abebe ’24

Isabella Ayalew ’23

Mia Branham ’23

Angel Bryant ’24

Isabella Hooke ’23

Margaret Kincer ’24

Preeti Kulkarni ’23

Anna Miller ’23

Somgolie Okoye ’23

Grace Pressley ’24

Sara Thomas ’23

Anti-Racism News at Holy Cross


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Additional Organizations

Equal Justice Initiative

Focuses on ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment.

Just mercy.

Be the Bridge

Faith Based organization based on building bridges and opening conversations with others to “empower people and culture toward racial healing, equity and reconciliation”.

Groups can be created within schools to have these conversations.

Anti-Defamation League


The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. 

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