The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross sponsors The Academy of the Holy Cross and the Board of Trustees governs Holy Cross. The administration of the Academy is delegated by the Board to the President and by the President to the appropriate administrators.

Board of Trustees
2021 - 2022

Mary Brogan

Sister Karla McKinnie, CSC

Lou Caceres

Sister Sharon Mihm, CSC '63

Jennifer Pedersen Daniels ’85

Sister Ruth Marie Nickerson, CSC '61

Sister Esther Entsiwah, CSC

Nancy Morrison O'Connor '69

Catherine Hanrahan '77

Greg Parchment

Mark Jackson

Kathleen R. Prebble

Diane Kuwamura '83

Karen Schaeffer

Mary Malone '85

Katharine Hess Teitel '69

Dominica Groom Williams ’00