Mission, Heritage, Beliefs

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When a girl and her family enrolls at The Academy of the Holy Cross, they become part of the larger Holy Cross family that extends around the world. The Academy traces its roots to Le Mans, France where Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau lived a commitment to Christian education and established the Congregations of Holy Cross sisters, brothers and priests. Blessed Basil’s philosophy links directly to the Academy’s mission today. Our connection links us to prestigious institutions such as University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s College, Holy Cross College, Saint Edward’s University, and Stonehill College.

The Academy of the Holy Cross
Mission Statement

The Academy of the Holy Cross, a Catholic college preparatory school sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Cross since 1868, is dedicated to educating young women in a Christ-centered community which values diversity. The Academy is committed to developing women of courage, compassion and scholarship who responsibly embrace the social, spiritual and intellectual challenges of the world.


School Beliefs


We believe that the quality of The Academy of the Holy Cross is measured by the courage, compassion, and scholarship of the students, the alumnae, the faculty, the administration, and the staff.


We believe that our Catholic Identity is rooted in Catholic teachings which establish core values that sustain our community.


We believe that academic excellence occurs when all students are held to high standards within the framework of a rigorous curriculum.


We believe that the purpose of education is to foster the intellectual, moral, and physical development of the whole person.


We believe that the traditions and philosophies of the Sisters of the Holy Cross provide young women with a Christ-centered faith community that invites and encourages a deepening relationship with God and others and a firm commitment to the creation of society founded on justice, love, and peace.


We believe that experiencing an intellectually, economically, and ethnically diverse community is necessary in the creation of tolerant individuals who will work for justice.


We believe that Holy Cross women lead where they stand. Holy Cross women embrace challenges and take action for the common good.


We believe that single-sex education of young women creates unique opportunities for them to develop as learners, leaders, compassionate individuals and forces of change in the world.


We believe that an environment that is safe, clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasing is conducive to respect for all persons who study and work here.


We believe that communication should be respectful, timely, responsive, and authentic.

Profile of a Holy Cross Graduate

Is a woman of courage, compassion and scholarship.

She exhibits integrity in her work and life. She recognizes her strengths and shares her talents through service to the wider community. She embraces life-long learning and has an inquiring mind.

Has mastered important academic skills.

She thinks critically and creatively. She is technologically literate and can communicate clearly in a written and oral manner. She is prepared for the challenges of college and life.

Values her Catholic education.

She has developed an appreciation and understanding of the Catholic faith. She is respectful and accepting of differences. She is guided by Catholic values of honor and morality in all areas of her life.

Characteristics of Professional Excellence


  1. Support the Catholic identity and the spiritual components of the Holy Cross community and encourage active participation in the Holy Cross Social Justice Program.
  2. Create an environment that coincides with a multicultural perspective and maintain an open and adaptive approach to culturally sensitive situations.
  3. Cultivate the whole student both in and outside of the classroom mindful that every student's emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being directly impacts their academic success.
  4. Construct assessments with high and rigorous standards and structure opportunities for all students to build on existing knowledge, demonstrate mastery, and view their mistakes as helpful.
  5. Engage students in the learning process with assessments that create opportunities for every student to make connections with real-life/world examples.
  6. Use technological resources that facilitate and enhance the learning of concepts and skills while encouraging creativity and innovation.
  7. Collaborate and reflect with colleagues on educational practices.
  8. Communicate responsively with colleagues, students, and parents.
  9. Respect the privacy and dignity of others and use discretion when addressing sensitive personal and professional matters.

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

“Seeing in all the image of God imprinted within them like a sacred seal which you must preserve at all costs.”
Blessed Basil Moreau

The Academy of the Holy Cross is dedicated to educating young women in a Christ- centered community, which values diversity. In concert with the Catholic Church and the spirit and traditions of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, we affirm that all human beings are made in the image and likeness of God. We believe in the dignity and worth of all persons and work towards ways to sustain an environment that honors and respects the members of The Academy of the Holy Cross community

Through its policies and programs, the Academy seeks to create a truly inclusive institution – one where students and adults are welcomed and supported, and where their faces, voices and experiences are valued.

We believe that learning about and celebrating the diverse life experiences of others broadens and deepens the educational experience of our students and enhances the scholarly environment in which they study and grow.

We believe that maintaining an atmosphere of openness, respect and trust contributes to open-mindedness, reflection and the development of community in its ideal sense. We are committed to understanding how personal, cultural, and historic aspects of identity contribute to and enrich our school community.

We examine and revise our curriculum as necessary to ensure that we are effective in educating our students. We value diversity and support students with various abilities. We train our teachers to recognize and understand the range of needs among our students in order to develop their skills in building and sustaining an inclusive classroom. We believe that fostering and sustaining an environment of inclusiveness empowers all to achieve their highest potential.

We are committed to developing women of courage, compassion, and scholarship who responsibly embrace the social, spiritual, and intellectual challenges of the world.

The Academy does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, national or ethnic origin in its educational policies, personnel policies, admissions policies, scholarship and financial aid programs, or other school administered programs.