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Saint Mary's Resource Program

The Academy of the Holy Cross has a long history of developing each student’s unique potential for learning. Consistent with this philosophy, the Saint Mary’s Resource Program (SMRP) was established to meet the individual needs of students with learning differences during their high school years. Acknowledging that each student has a unique learning style, the SMRP seeks to identify those students with mild learning differences who will benefit from resource support to allow them the opportunity to reach their academic potential.

The goals of the Saint Mary’s Resource Program are:

  • To help each student discover and understand her unique learning strengths.
  • To help each student identify and develop strategies that support her academic success.
  • To encourage each student’s maximum participation in her learning and in reaching her full academic potential.

Over the course of four years, our collaborative approach develops a college-ready student who understands her learning strengths and challenges and can implement strategies necessary for future academic success.

In order to receive a Formal Accommodation Plan, a student must provide a comprehensive psycho-educational or neuropsychological assessment. The assessment must be performed by a licensed psychologist (including license number). It must have been administered within the past three years and indicate that the student has a diagnosed learning difference with a DSM or ICD code listed. Specific evaluations and information required are:

  • cognitive assessment
  • academic achievement test
  • tests of attention and executive function
  • social, medical, psychological and family history
  • reason for referral
  • tests performed under timed and un-timed conditions (this is often required by College Board and the ACT in order to receive extended time on standardized tests for college admission)

The Academy of the Holy Cross employs both two full-time learning specialists to provide support to students in the Resource Program. Students have their study hall in the Saint Mary's Resource Center where they have time to study and prepare for tests and other assessments, as well as receive support in building study skills, improving organization, study strategies, test preparation, and time management.

Resources available to all SMRP students include:

  • organizational support and time management
  • assistance with study skills and test preparation
  • social-emotional support
  • strategies for self-advocacy
  • support in building responsible independence
  • facilitation of study groups
  • observations in classroom
  • opportunities for monitoring progress and setting goals for improvement