Moreau Options Program

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A student-centered, inclusive education program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities

The Moreau Options Program supports the belief that all students deserve opportunities to maximize their academic, social and spiritual potential. Building upon our mission to educate young women in a Christ-centered community which values diversity, and to develop them to become women of courage, compassion and scholarship, it seems only natural for Holy Cross to embrace the great mosaic of all God’s children.

Students in the Moreau Options Program participate in all aspects of the Holy Cross community. They take a variety of classes in the general education setting including English, Theology, Science, Social Studies, Technology and the Arts. They join clubs, and athletics teams; serve at Mass; and participate in choir, dance concerts, and school plays.


At Holy Cross, each girl’s schedule is carefully designed with input from parents/guardians, teachers, and the girls themselves. Every girl in the Moreau Options program has a schedule that includes a mixture of general education academic and elective classes, as well as small classes in reading, writing, and math that are specifically designed for students in the program.


Here is an example of one junior’s schedule:


1st period: Academic Reading*
2nd period: Glee Choir
3rd period: General Biology
4th period: English III: British Literature
5th period: Modern World History
6th period: Living in Christ
7th period: Pre-Algebra*
8th period: Language and Composition III*


* Classes designed and taught specifically for students in the Moreau Options Program


During a girls’ junior and senior year at Holy Cross, they will work closely with teachers and counselors to explore their options for after graduation.
At their graduation, students enrolled in the Moreau Options Program receive a certificate of attendance or a certificate of completion.

Tuition and Fees

Students in the Moreau Options Program pay the same tuition and fees as other students.

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Any family may apply for financial aid at Holy Cross. Financial aid is distributed based on need. Financial aid grants are a gift of money applied to your daughter’s tuition; you do not need to repay them.


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