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The Visual Arts Department mission is to create a learning environment where a student can explore, create, and develop the skills needed for the creation and the appreciation of visual art forms. The aim is to increase aesthetic literacy and promote respect for the arts of all cultures. The Academy believes art is an intellectual process which stresses visual thinking, creativity, skill development, and critical analysis. Our program emphasizes the skills of seeing and drawing, problem solving, persistence, and personal expression. Learning to take informed risks and being inventive in making images and objects are central to the program. Fundamental and advanced levels of design, drawing, painting, and art history are pillars of the curriculum. Students will work through a wide variety of mediums. They will see works of art live with field-trip opportunities offered in the Washington, DC area's nationally recognized museums and galleries.

Students participate in a variety of extra-curricular art activities throughout the DC-metropolitan area including, but not limited to, the Independent School Arts Competition, the Congressional Art Competition sponsored by the House of Representatives, and the Holy Cross Festival of the Arts.

Each year the Visual Arts Department nominates a talented student to participate in the High School Seminar, sponsored by the National Gallery of Art. This is an outstanding opportunity for students to get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of art while at the same time learning more about their passions.

Our Visual Arts faculty are committed to providing opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and share their works with our local community.

Visual Arts Courses