Spirituality at Holy Cross

Flex your faith.

Like a muscle, your faith grows stronger the more you use it. At Holy Cross, students study theology grounded in Catholic tradition, attend Mass or guided meditation at lunch, find opportunities for group and individual prayer throughout the day, and engage in self-reflection through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Our girls deepen their sense of spirituality and bond with classmates during annual retreats, culminating in a four-day senior retreat experience, called Kairos. And they cultivate humility and compassion through regular Social Justice projects.

Transforming Hearts and Minds

Every year, each Holy Cross girl participates in our Social Justice Program, which seeks to help those on the margins of society and challenges our girls to step out of their comfort zones and serve. Based in Catholic social teaching, the program is rooted in living out the gospel values of Jesus Christ—not because our girls want community hours for college, but because they know it is the right thing to do.

“If at times you have a marked preference for certain people, it should be for the poor, the abandoned, the most in need of education, those who have less than anyone else. It is a matter of justice to give more to those who have received less.”

– Blessed Basil Moreau

Welcoming all.

Our girls accept and support their peers in whatever faith they practice. In following the ideals taught by Christ, our community celebrates the merits of all religions and recognize our similarities. At Holy Cross, our students embrace the values championed by our Catholic faith and use them as a foundation from which they make the world a better place. We recognize adolescence is a critical time in girls’ faith formation, and we guide them in becoming better women.

We develop women of courage, compassion and scholarship who responsibly embrace the social, spiritual and intellectual challenges of the world.