Sancta Crux Scholars

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The Academy of the Holy Cross invites incoming freshmen with exceptional academic achievement and potential to become Sancta Crux Scholars. During this four-year program, Holy Cross will foster the intellectual growth of these extraordinary young women and help them embrace and develop their gifts. Scholars must take four honors classes each semester and maintain a 3.5 weighted grade point average throughout the program.

Current freshmen and Rising sophomores:

Second-semester freshmen at Holy Cross and rising sophomores who have maintained a 3.5 weighted average and enrolled in four honor-equivalent classes each semester are also eligible for admittance to the Sancta Crux Scholars program (without the scholarship).


  • Faculty/Staff Mentor
  • Enchanced college counseling during the freshmen and sophomore years
  • Enrichment programs and trips

Annual Events

  • Parent/Scholar/Mentor social
  • Quarterly meetings with Mentors
  • PSAT testing during the freshman year
  • Visits to local colleges during junior year


  • To develop Scholars' critical thinking skills
  • To pique Scholars' interests in various academic pursuits
  • To provide Scholars with career and college choice information
  • To recognize students for their academic successes
  • To provide opportunities for Scholars to collaborate with peers, faculty, and staff

Sisters of the Holy Cross

Founded in Le Mans, France in 1841, the Sisters of the Holy Cross form a part of the religious family of priests, brothers, and sisters brought together by Blessed Basil Moreau. Believing that the proclamation of the Gospel is intrinsic to Catholic education, and that knowledge empowers faith, Father Moreau established schools in France at all levels, for students of any social or economic background. This heritage of equality would form the basic orientation to education that the Sisters of the Holy Cross brought with them to the United States in 1843. Within a few years of arriving in this country, the Sisters established themselves as a leading teaching order and greatly increased educational opportunities for women.

Since the time of their founding, the formal designation used by the Sisters of the Holy Cross to mark their religious order has been CSC, an abbreviation for the Latin Congregatio Sanctae Crucis, or Congregation of the Holy Cross. The Sancta Crux Scholars at The Academy of the Holy Cross take their name to honor this tradition and the long history of education that is at the heart of the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Cross.