Athletes Recognized at Spring Sports Awards Night

On Tuesday, May 24, Holy Cross recognized athletes who played on spring sports teams. The program began with recognition of the seven athletes who received WCAC All-Conference recognition. Each coach then presented Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, and Tartan awards during the program.

WCAC All-Conference Recognition:
First Team: Cheyenne DeGross ’22, Catcher
Honorable Mention: Katherine Stach, Sofia Stewart ’23, Adaugo Umeh ’22

Honorable Mention: Eliza D'Albora ’25, Paige D'Albora ’22, Mae Zaremba ’24

Holy Cross Spring Sports Awards:
Tartan Award: Florence Sandbloom ’22
MVP: Erin Lozano ’24
Most Improved Player: Chloe Kwok ’25

JV Golf:
Tartan Award: Chloe Kuzner ’24
MVP: Emma Ryan ’25
Most Improved Player: Anna Giacomini ’24

Varsity Golf:
Tartan Award: Camilla Karns ’22
MVP: Ella Burke ’22
Most Improved Player: Carly Stocks ’23

JV Lacrosse:
Tartan Award: Jaiden Chambers ’23
Co-MVP: Adore Bryant ’24, Adelaide Sanders ’25
Most Improved Player: Zoey Seymour ’25

Varsity Lacrosse:
Co-Tartan: Kayla Norris ’23, Gracie Schrier ’24
MVP: Mae Zaremba ’24
Most Improved Player: Eliza D'Albora ’25

JV Softball:
Tartan Award Kathryn Celeste ’23
MVP Brooke Sylvestre ’25
Most Improved Player: Anna Jasinski ’23

Varsity Softball
Tartan Award: Adaugo Umeh ’22
MVP: Cheyenne DeGross ’22
Most Improved Player: Miyori Chapman ’25

Track and Field:
Co-Tartan Award: Isabella Pla ’22, Mary Kincer ’23
Co-MVP: Brianna Byrd ’22, Katiushka Howell ’22
Most Improved Player: Leyat Assefa ’24, Angel Bryant ’24

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