Bonnie Caden ’21 Helps Others Get COVID Vaccine

Bonnie Caden ’21 has helped over 200 people schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments since March. After having a conversation with a family friend who is a Montgomery County teacher helping others schedule appointments through a group known as the Vaccine Hunters, Bonnie decided to start helping people on her own. Originally, she just helped people she knew, but word quickly spread to others.

Bonnie created a spreadsheet of candidates to keep track of everyone needing help making appointments. She then worked to know the different systems offering vaccines including the timing of updating appointment schedules. She would work to match appointments with people needing them, spending 5-7 hours some days to help make sure the candidates could get their appointments scheduled. “Being able to hear how it made a difference for people was really rewarding,” Bonnie says. She was moved by the situations people shared with her as well, keeping her motivated to continue helping others.

Bonnie will be working with the Vaccine Hunters group for her Senior Project internship and she’s excited to assist their efforts. She will be focusing on building equal access for people who may have barriers that are keeping them from being able to receive the vaccine. In college, Bonnie is planning to pursue a STEM-related field with a focus on biology. She says that this experience has helped her learn that even small actions make a difference, and that Holy Cross has helped her grow in confidence to take on activities that push her beyond her comfort zone.

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