Fall Sports Awards Night Recognizes Athletes

On Monday, November 15, Holy Cross recognized athletes who played on fall sports teams. The program began with recognition of the 13 athletes who received WCAC All-Conference recognition. Each coach then presented Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, and Tartan awards during the program.

All-WCAC Recognition
Co-MVP: Emmerson Sellman ’24
First Team: Hannah Sherman ’22
Second Team: Daniella Suarez ’23, Jaylyn Simon ’24
Honorable Mention: Julianna Gray ’22, Elizabeth Itskovich ’22

Honorable Mention: Meredith Dunsmore ’24, Adrianna Monzon-Osorio ’22, Megan Locraft ’22

Field Hockey:
Honorable Mention: Evelyn Lee ’22, Skylar Lewis ’22, Caleigh Rose ’22, Margaret Rose ’23

Holy Cross Fall Sports Awards
Cross Country
Tartan Award: Isabella Pla ’22           
MVP: Mikayla Stephens ’23
Most Improved Player: Alessandra Aguila ’24

JV Field Hockey          
MVP: Molly Flynn ’24
Tartan Award: Julianna Bove ’23
Most Improved Player: Lucianna Meza-Cuadra ’24

Varsity Field Hockey  
MVP: Skylar Lewis ’22
Tartan Award: Margaret Rose ’23
Most Improved Player: Mary Celeste ’23

JV Soccer        
Co-MVPs: Zoey Seymour ’25 and Catherine Della Rocca ’24
Tartan Award: Darian Walker ’25      
Most Improved Player: Dakota Dannett ’23
Varsity Soccer
MVP: Ella Burke ’22
Tartan Award: Adrianna Monzon-Osorio ’22
Most Improved Player: Isabel Serrano ’22

MVP: Lola Sanchez ’24           
Tartan Award: Zoe Wilson ’24
Most Improved Player: Tess Boone ’22

Freshman Volleyball  
MVP: Brooke Sylvestre ’25
Tartan Award: Emmah Reese ’25
Most Improved Player: Addison Norris ’25

JV Volleyball   
MVP: Abigail Sloan ’24
Tartan Award: Ava Friedman ’24
Most Improved Player: Leyat Assefa ’24

Varsity Volleyball       
MVP: Emmerson Sellman ’24
Tartan Award: Kelsea Saulny ’22       
Most Improved Player: Rowan Johnson ’25

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