Juliette Bostrom ’21 Named Extraordinary Teen

Bethesda Magazine annually selects teens for their Extraordinary Teen Awards featured in the March/April issue. This year Juliette Bostrom is among the 13 recipients. The spotlight describes how Juliette was deeply affected by the documentary The True Cost and how it has inspired her to boycott clothing created through “fast fashion.” She now actively works to inspire her peers and others to consider the impact of their actions on the local, national and global scale.

History and Social Studies teacher Anna Dettbarn is quoted in the spotlight, "Juliette has been exposed to a variety of different cultures and lived in many places. I think all of this has contributed to a very mature understanding of issues in my class—government, religion and social-economic factors the influence geography around the world. She is keenly aware of societal problems.”

See the article about Juliette here.


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