Lily Rios-Brady ’15 Appears on Shark Week

Alumna and Assistant Field Hockey coach Lily Rios-Brady ’15 was recently featured on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Lily is a marine biologist with The Ocean Foundation and a volunteer with Saving the Blue, an organization that conducts research and provides educational opportunities about ocean wildlife. She was featured on the Discovery episode “Jaws vs. Kraken” through her connection with Saving the Blue lead scientist, Dr. Tristan Guttridge. To film the episode Lily traveled to Guadalupe Island in Mexico where she cage dove with great white sharks. Lily had studied squid neurons at NIH which helped in the Saving the Blue study to explore markings on the sharks that appeared to be from squid attacks that was featured in the episode.

As a student at Holy Cross, Lily participated in a yearlong internship at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and volunteered there for an additional two years. To pay tribute to Holy Cross, Lily wore her class ring. She says it reminded her of the opportunity she received that inspired her to follow her dreams to become a marine biologist and shark researcher.

Photos Courtesy of Hazmat Productions


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