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The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear for new and richer experience.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Please expand the club name for more information. All clubs meet at 2:50 to 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Archery Club

The Archery Club provides instruction and target practice for students who are interested in the sport of archery. Competitions are held each semester.

(Moderator: Ms. King) Thursdays in the Gym

Asian American Student Association

New to AHC, the Asian American Student Association is dedicated to fostering the understanding and promotion of Asian cultures and traditions in our own community and in our region. Presentations on Asian nations’ histories and cultures are combined with visits to local festivals, restaurants and cultural celebrations.

(Moderator: Ms. Cotter) Once a month, days vary 3:00–3:30 pm Library

Bake for Hope

Bake for Hope tries to save the world one sprinkle at a time. Through our love of culinary arts, we want to bring joy to others while serving the community through baked goods and the profits from bake sales.

(Moderator: Ms. Gaddis) Every other Thursday.

Best Buddies

The mission of Best Buddies AHC is to create and foster friendships between students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. We plan social outings, attend events and raise awareness within the Holy Cross community.

(Moderator: Ms. Montgomery) Once a month, days vary 3:00pm – 3:30pm Library

Circle of Sisters Book Club

The mission of the Lovely Ladies Book Club is to read, discuss, and enjoy works of fiction. Books are chosen and discussion is led by students.

(Moderator: Ms. Cotter) Once a month, days vary 3:00pm – 3:30pm Library

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club provides an opportunity for students to explore issues of conservancy, and practical applications of nature study. Students participate in hands-on conservation work and discuss current policy issues.

(Moderator: Mrs. Robertson)Wednesdays at lunch.

Girl Up!

Girl Up! is an innovative campaign of the United Nations Foundation. AHC students have the opportunity to become global leaders and channel their energy and compassion to raise awareness and funds for United Nations programs that help some of the world’s hardest-to-reach adolescent girls.

(Moderator: Ms. Creamer) Every other Thursday room 222

Glamour Gals Service Club

This club is a local chapter of the Glamour Gals Foundation. The organization services the elderly residents of local nursing homes, providing beauty services and companionship during a monthly visits.

(Moderator: Ms. Gobbi) Every other Friday in room 202

Guitar Club

The Guitar Club provides the school community with additional music enrichment opportunities through enjoyment of the guitar. This club is open to all levels of experience. Being an active member of the Guitar Club automatically makes you eligible for many opportunities that are not available to other students, which include many public performance opportunities, exposure to many musical forms, award nominations and Special Artist & Guest Workshops.

(Moderator: Ms. Meehan) Wednesdays room 250

Hip-Hop Dance Club

The Hip-hop Dance Club will include street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It will include wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping and is open to any student.

(Moderator: Ms. Reese) Every Tuesday

Improv Club

The Improv Club is a group of students who work at excelling in the art of theatrical improvisation.

Club members work to hone their improv skills in long form, sketch comedy, and short form formats (including games such as the ones seen on the hit TV show Whose Line is it Anyway?).

Students who attend all club rehearsals will have a variety of performance opportunities each semester, including the fall and spring Evenings of Performing Arts for Middle School Students, as well as the Improv Shows both semesters (November 11, and April 21).

(Moderator: Mr. Placek) Fridays 2:45 to 3:15 pm

International Diversity Club

The International Diversity Club brings together a diverse group of girls and embodies cultures, languages, and other aspects of the world through fun activities such as cooking, dancing, and traveling with "International Love."

(Moderator: Dr. Orta) Every other Wednesday room 202

Irish Dance Club

The purpose of the Irish Dance Club is to promote awareness of, exposure to, and enjoyment of Irish culture in general, with particular attention focused on Irish dancing. The club is open to all students with an interest in Irish culture.

(Moderator: Ms. James) Once a month, days vary room 206

LOTAs 4 Life

Knowing that life is a God-given gift, we intend to explore and support all issues related to life, including abortion, the death penalty and end of life decisions. We plan to educate ourselves about what it means to be pro-life and to share our findings with the AHC community. We hope to grow in our faith as we increase our understanding of the gift of life.

(Moderator: Ms. Reese) Every other Wednesday room 208

LOTAs for a Cure

The LOTAs for a Cure club provides education and awareness about breast cancer. As a club we will help those affected by breast cancer through various activities.

(Moderator: Kellie Looney)

Manga Club

The mission of the Manga Club is to read, discuss, and enjoy Japanese manga comics. In addition, club members often trade manga titles and try their hand at drawing manga characters.

(Moderator: Ms. Cotter) Once a month, days vary 3:00–3:30 pm Library

Mock Trial Club

The goal of The Academy of the Holy Cross Mock Trial Club is to educate students who have an interest in law and justice issues about the American legal system through participation in both criminal and civil mock trials. The team competes against clubs from other schools at the County Courthouse, with opportunities for presenting arguments for both the defense and the prosecution.

(Moderator: Dr. Morris) TBD

Model UN

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN. General Assembly and other governing bodies. Participants in Model UN explore the fundamentals of the United Nations to better understand our world and foster international awareness. Opportunities are presented for students to learn how to debate, moderate, collaborate, and problem solve under various circumstances. Students participate in simulations with fellow Academy of the Holy Cross classmates as well as students from around the world at one of several local conferences each year.

(Moderator: Ms. Creamer) Every other Thursday room 222

NOTA A Capella Club

This group performs contemporary and classical music with voice alone. They learn three and four part harmonies and descants. The group performs at our Winter and Spring music concerts.

(Moderators: Ms. Meehan) Thursdays in the Theatre

Onyx Club

A minority student club, composed of primarily African-American students but open to all students to assist students to develop a common bond with each other to develop an appreciation for the diversity of the student body. The club sponsors field trips, club discussions with other schools, informative assemblies and service activities.

(Moderators: Ms. Brown, Ms. Stephenson) Once a month, days vary 3:00–3:30 pm room 208

Prism Club

The Academy of the Holy Cross’s Prism Club is meant to foster a safe and caring environment in which students can discuss the current issues for the LGBTQ community both socially and culturally in today’s society. The club strives to fulfill and support Holy Cross’s mission to be a Christ-centered community, which values diversity. The meetings will discuss a variety of topics such as the value of diversity and inclusivity, labels, and stereotypes. All are invited, and members are encouraged to help one another develop a greater understanding of one another and create a sense of acceptance and respect.

(Moderators: Ms. Ballantine, Ms. Mackinnon) Every other Tuesday at lunch room 143

Reinas de Holy Cross

The Reinas de Holy Cross celebrates and educates our community about the beauty and diversity of the Hispanic and Latino communities through music, food, dance, and culture presentations.

(Moderator: Ms. DeZinno)

Robotics Team

The AHC Transformers (Team 6584) are a FIRST Robotics Competition team. Students learn how to build, program, and drive large scale robots to compete in regional events in the mid-Atlantic region. Students also learn how to write grants, obtain corporate sponsorship, market the team, and manage Robotics Team funding.

Visit their team website here.

(Moderator: Mr. Geiser) Every Thursday room 242

Tartan Spirit Club

The Tartan Spirit Club provides support and enthusiasm for AHC athletic teams. Throughout each season we serve as boosters, decorating the halls and leading cheers as the mighty, mighty Tartans head to victory!

(Moderator: Ms. King) Mondays during lunch in room 130

Ted-Ed Club

The Ted-Ed Club is a platform to spark curiosity and celebrate student ideas from around the world. The club will follow a 13-session presentation literacy curriculum that supports students in sharing their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks.

(Moderator: Ms. Stephenson) TBD

Young Conservatives

This club provides young conservatives at AHC the opportunity to enrich their understanding and appreciation of conservative principles, as well as offer students who do not consider themselves a
conservative understanding of social and political conservative values.

(Moderators: Ms. Reese, Dr. Morris) Every other Wednesday room 208

Young Progressives

The Young Progressives Club meets weekly to discuss current economic, political, and social issues from a liberal perspective. Club activities include: visits to Congress, guest speakers, and sponsoring a charity fundraiser.

(Moderators: Dr. Minogue, Mrs. Tonks, Mrs. Creamer) Every Wednesday room 222 from 2:45–3:15 pm