Student Council

The Student Council is the official representative arm of the student body. The "voice of the student body," the Student Council works closely with the moderator and the administration to plan and coordinate student activities and projects throughout the school year. The Student Council plans school dances, all-school assemblies, fundraising initiatives, and other events throughout the school year, as well as focusing on improving student life and fostering school spirit.

2018-2019 Student Council

E-Board Officers

President: Grace Mulkins ’18
Vice President: Claire Guarini ’18
Secretary: Molly Murray ’18
Treasurer: Helena Orrego ’18

Senior Class Officers

President: Sydney Bruno
Vice President: Violet Gurdon
Secretary: Sioban Martinez
Treasurer: Annie Ramsayer

Junior Class Officers

President: Melina Skinner
Vice President: Sydney Parbs
Secretary: London HallTreasurer: Martha Philipos

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Beza Solomon
Vice President: Zoe Gerohristodoulos
Secretary: Birdie Fry

Freshman Class Officers

Elections in November

Advisory Representatives

Senior Advisory Reps

Sara Castellano
Imani Featherson
Haley Hogan
Sam Miller
Nya Myrie
Emily Walsh
Isobel Hermans

Junior Advisory Reps

Nicole Dao
Leslie Fontaine
Mairead James
Josephine Matta
Aiden Mooney
Margaret Ryan
Eleasa Woodson

Sophomore Advisory Reps

Anna Owens
Elizabeth Walsh
Rebecca Bisrat
Lilly McKinnon
Lauren Kosiorowski
Nora Gibson
Sienna DeGross

Freshman Advisory Reps

Elections in November