Sports Medicine

Concussion Information

The Academy takes the health of our student athletes very seriously. Please review the following for important information; please log in to view additional information on the Useful Forms page, Parent and Student Portals:

Concussion Protocol

Sign up for Mandatory Concussion Testing (Freshman Student Athletes and Rising Junior Student Athletes)-email

Training Room Information

Visiting Team Information

Training Room Policies

Lightning Safety Policy

League policy states that all outdoor athletic activities will be suspended immediately when the first sighting of lightning is observed or thunder is heard. Once activities have been suspended, wait at least thirty minutes following the last sounds of thunder or lightning flash prior to resuming activity or returning outdoors. All team members, coaches, spectators and officials must leave the playing field.

Holy Cross Lightening Procedure and Policies

Please Contact Athletic Trainer, Dena Rapoport, with any questions or concerns related to Training at Holy Cross.

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