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Concussion Information

The Academy of the Holy Cross has a concussion policy for students who sustain a suspected injury. Please log into the Parent and Student Portal and select the Forms and Documents link for additional resources in the Athletics and Health Services section.

Training Room Information 

Training Room Policies 

Graduated Return to Play Protocol

MD Medical Clearance for Suspected Head Injury

Concussion Testing Instructions

Lightning Safety Policy

League policy states that all outdoor athletic activities will be suspended immediately when the first sighting of lightning is observed or thunder is heard. Once activities have been suspended, wait at least thirty minutes following the last sounds of thunder or lightning flash prior to resuming activity or returning outdoors. All team members, coaches, spectators and officials must leave the playing field.

Holy Cross Lightening Procedure and Policies

Holy Cross Heat Policies and Procedures

Holy Cross Cold Exposure Policies and Procedures

Please Contact Athletic Trainer, Beth Hagler, with any questions or concerns related to Training at Holy Cross.


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