Funding Priorities

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Completed Summer 2017!

Our donors contributed over $2,500,000! Thank You.

The Larger Vision…

An ongoing priority is Endowment for Tuition Assistance and Academic Programs. With a funded endowment we will be able to increase tuition assistance, making it possible for more families to benefit from a Holy Cross education. Additionally, increased endowment will allow us to expand our academic programs. We seek estate gifts as a primary method to grow our endowment efforts.

Students are always our top priority and plans are underway to refurbish the Student Commons with more user-friendly furnishings and technology enhancements in 2018. We continue to make campus improvements. In 2017 we renovated the first 2 of 5 student restrooms and updated the faculty lounge.

The Strategic Plan and new campus master plan will help us move forward to our next major fundraising initiative in 2019 allowing us to expand and improve our current facilities.