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As of July 2017

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this listing. Please contact Mark Chapman with questions or comments at (301) 929-6498 or mchapman@academyoftheholycross.org.


Sister Grace Shonk, CSC

William and Helen Stanislav Dankos ’75
Keith Krom and Inés Luengo de Krom

Donna Reese Byrd ’77
James and Kathleen Burgess Clark ’82
William Conyngham and Marie Looby
Patricia Gillis Cousins ’83
Sean and Lisa Creamer
Doug and Barbara Duncan
Reverend Monsignor John Enzler
Stephen and Jane Halpin
Shawn and Louise Hendon
Edith Marinucci
Michael and Heidi McAuliffe
Ken and Susan Stanislav O’Connell ’78
Kathleen Prebble
William and Lisa Ridgway Slater ’82
Michael and Mary Beth Burns Taylor ’78
Sister Sharlet Ann Wagner, CSC


1994 Wilson-Owens Memorial Fund
Mary Mulquin Abrams ’83
Nelson Abreu
Michael and Carrie Accardi
AHC Class of 1955
Nancy Holmes Anastasi '55
Mary Pat and Douglas Arkin
Raymond and Carol Armstrong
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Harrison Lee Barnes
JoAnna Barnes '78
David Bartley
Carla Basso-Luca
Daniel and Kathleen Becker
Karen Bellesky '74
Christina Benedetti '08
Gary and Cynthia Benedetti
Ann Walter Berghausen '72
Jennifer Bernier
Virginia Berté
Angel and Rayssa Bezos
Bob and Lisi Biciocchi
Eric and Michele Blanco
Ellen Troy Bouchard '82
E. James and Monica Bradford
The Branitsky Family
Mike and Tish Schlapo Brey '78
Teresa Lawless Brideau '76
Ray and Rosemary Kirchner Brisbane '56
Katherine Brown '94
Mary Patrice Brown '74
Mark and Heather Brugger
Frances Gatti Bruha '55
Marc and Karen Bruno
Carroll Duffy Burrows '60
Lou and Melanie Caceres
Brian Callahan
Capitol Document Solutions
The Capizzi Family
Melissa Carr
Jose and Isabel Carrero
Kelly Carrero '94
Isabelle Cassidy '17
Justin and Rosa Cassidy
Jacob and Leah Cecere
Mario and Maria Checchia
Diane Bator Cigich ’61
James and Kathleen Burgess Clark '82
Kelly Hendon Clark '97
Jim, Marte and Kristen '07 Coleman
James and Bridgett Coll
John and Mary Conaghan
William Conyngham and Marie Looby
Margaret Cook '58
Mary-Beth Buckley Cooper '78
Debbie and Ian Copeland
Cornerstone Government Affairs, LLC
Patricia Gillis Cousins '83
Pete Cousté and Joanne Carl '76
Marcia Coyle
Betty Creamer
Sean and Lisa Creamer
Mary Kathleen Crilley '12
Annabelle Cunningham '09
Sean and Elizabeth D'Arcy
Timothy and Janet Dailey
Frank and Jennifer Pedersen Daniels '85
William and Helen Stanislav Dankos '75
Minh and Kimberly Dao
Christopher and Katherine Davitt
Eleanor Shea Deitchman '66
Michael and Paula Dent
Charles and Carole Dilla
Kathleen Dillon
Scott and Sheila Dinn
Elaine Martin DiPietro '94
Richard and Margaret DiPippo
Louis and Ann Kirlin Donatelli '54
Christopher and Mary Donnan
Chelsea Dougherty
Shannon Marie Dougherty
Brian and Elizabeth Dovey
Samuel and Therese Mullaney Draddy ’81
William and Rita DuBoyce
Douglas and Barbara Duncan
Joseph and Donna Dunston
Andrew and Maria Durelli
James Durkin and Margaret DiCairano Durkin '66
Annie Smith Duryea '89
Kelley McCaleb Edelblut '78
The Edwards-Jackson Group, Inc.
Paul Enzinna and Maureen Enright
Father John Enzler
Carter Evans
Jennifer Menser Feldman '94
Ian and Lindsey Ferguson
James Ferguson
Jacquelyn Ferzacca '14
Samantha Ferzacca '11
Sydney Ferzacca
FieldTurf USA Inc.
Genevieve Duffy Fitzpatrick '71
Thomas and Joanne Flanagan
Joseph and Laura Floam
Suzanne Rich Folsom '79
Bridget Meyer Forcier '77
Arthur and Drucilla Fuccillo
Brett and Mary Kay Gamma
Emilio Garcia-Ruiz and Mary Jo Zafis-Garcia
Lionel and Suzie Gaston
GE Foundation
Doris Lockey Geier-Monroe
Wayne and Wilhemina Geohagan
Veronica Blaszek Gilbarte '61
Karen Gillis '70
John and Johanna Goetcheus
Dana Ridgway Goldsmith '78
Carlos and Isabel Serra Gomes '96
The Good Neighbors Family Trust
Scott and Cynthia Graham
Lynne Marsden Graves '82
Peter and Nancy Wright Greene '56
James and Tammy Griffin
John and Patricia Grimberg
Helen Grote
Jay and Ann Robinson Gutierrez '72
Susanne Mallet-Prevost Haley '55
Stephen and Jane Halpin
Barbara Hanrahan
Catherine Hanrahan '77
Richard and Kelly Harrington
Michael and Elizabeth Hatcher
Donald and Deborah Hathway
Barbara Carey Hayes '56†
Todd and Lynda Heavner
Claire Helm and Stanley Chase
Shawn and Louise Hendon
Jamie Toribio Hiland '94
Sarah Mach Hill '94
Shawn and Amelia Kratz Hillman '83
Joanne Brown Hillyard '55
George Hissong
Pamela Hobbs '01
Robert Hogan and Suzanne Ryan
Charles and Marybeth Horning
David and Alice Hrdy
Susana Serra Jacinto '00
Mark Jackson and Bonnie Edwards-Jackson
Davie and Laura Jacobin
Daniel and Lisa Jobe
Dennis and Lois Jones
Mary Alice Tumulty Jost '64
Katherine Tvelia Kaibni '98
Jim and Joan Kane
Donald and Susan Katzenberger
Andrew and Bernadette Keenan
Kyran and Mary Elizabeth Corso Kennedy '82
The Kentland Foundation, Inc.
Terrence and Mary Susan Warner Kernan '82
JJ and Tracey King
John and Catherine Kiser
Peter and Cynthia Masucci Kratz '70
Keith Krom and Inés Luengo de Krom
James and Clare Kuzma
Claire Kirchner Lawless '50
Patricia Pruett Lehmann '64
Paul and Celeste Cullinane Lenzini ’55
Catherine Lincoln
Stephen and Karin Linehan
David and Mary Lunden
Eileen Maroney Lynagh '72
John and Noelle Lynch
William and Patricia Lynch
Mary Malone '85
Jennifer Bezos Marquit '94
Elizabeth Genovese Martin '80
Michael and Lenore Reilly Martinez '76
Scott and Kerry Matejik
The Matta Family
Michael and Heidi McAuliffe
The McCaleb Family
Helene Walker McCarron '94
Patricia Cordes McClain '00
Theodore and Ann Stanislav McCord '85
Casey and Kathleen McCormick
Timothy McCormick
Maureen McHugh
Kevin and Maureen McLaren
Mary Martin McQuillan '50
P. Kelly† and Carol Ann Hook Mikules '63†
Mary Kiefer Miller '61
William and Carolyn Minturn
M. L. Clark Real Estate
Donald and Magdalena Mooers
Thomas and Jennifer Mooney
Mary Clover Moran '55
Paul and Rhonda Mortensen
Peter and Lynn Muldoon
Michele Mulholland France
Timothy and Mary Johanna Mullin
Patricia Murphy '72
Ann Ernst Murray '80
Patricia Myers
John and Suzanne Hawes Nalls '82
Edmund and Sheila Novak
Kenneth and Susan Stanislav O'Connell '78
O’Connell and Lawrence, Inc.
Anne Marie Collins O'Donoghue '94
Kevin and Tara O'Leary
Janice O'Malley
Patrick and Lisa O'Neil
Neal and Donna McIntyre Owens '89
William and Carol Owens
Dean and Darian Packard
Joseph and Susan Palka
Kathleen Riley Pappas ’65
Greg and Monica Parchment
Christopher and Pamela Parker
Frank and Jessica Parker
Susan Patschak '78 and Charles McConnell
Deborah Pavlic
Gershon and Kimberly Peaks
PNC Foundation
Roger Pollak and Whitney Pinger
Kathleen Ryan Prebble
Kathleen Railey Pruissen '77
Francesca Rigutto Reed '94
Patricia Reed
Donna Reese '77
Marvin and Kathleen Whalen Reitz '69
Alexandre and Sasha René
Brian and Carolyn Ridgway
John Ridgway
Kelly Ridgway
Kevin Ridgway
Lynn Ridgway '80
Michael and Nancy Ridgway
Michael A. Ridgway
Taylor Ridgway
Jessica Phillips Ritter ’91
Tim and Mary Agnes McAuliffe Rogers '80
Michael and Patricia Rose
David and Judy Rupp
Ruppert Landscape
Guy and Frances Brinker Scango '61
Rick and Karen Schaeffer
Serra Stone Corporation
William and Diane Shaw
Brian and Carol Sheahan
The Shepherd Foundation
Dan and Mary Beth Sheridan
Clay Siekman
Hayden Siekman
Jake Siekman
Sisters of the Holy Cross
Ann Gregg Skeet '82
S&K Roofing, Siding & Windows, Inc.
May Phillips Slago '55
Christopher and Louise Bison Slark '79
Bill and Lisa Ridgway Slater '82
Bill and Edith Slater
Eleanor Slater '08
Jack Slater
Kathleen Slater '10
Ridge Slater
Charles and Carol Smith
Karen Klenke Smith '56
Scott and Kara Smith
Margaret Williams Sonnefeld '73
William and Suzanne Squier
Sharon Reynolds Stanton '78
Margaret Buchanan Stevens '94
Sherri Stevens '94
Constantine Stratakis and Katerina Tsilou
Andrew and Kristine Sullivan
Dennis and Anne Sullivan
Richard Sullivan
Robert and Karen Symon
Susan Tanis '94
Kathleen Moore Tastet '55
Michael and Mary Elizabeth Burns Taylor '78
Katharine Hess Teitel '69
Erik and Emily Teter
Francis and Eleanor Vandoren Teti '56
Mark and Kelly Townsend
Barbara Benford Trafficanda '55
Bruce and Theresa Trimble
Jessica Tvelia '94
John and Patricia Tvelia
United States Steel Foundation Inc.
John and Beth Veihmeyer
Joseph and Anna Vitak
Alexandra Walker '87
Mary Louise Van Meers Walsh '55
Albert and Robin Walukonis
Kaitlin Walukonis '08
Mary Jeanne Weber '55
Patricia Wells
Thomas and Kathleen Whalen
Shanay Cambosos Wheeler '94
Helen Gleason White '59
Bryan Whittington and Nancy Mayer-Whittington '71
John and Lucy Policelli Willging '56
David and Linda Wimsatt
Katherine Bourg Wootten '59
Robert and Mary Worch
Allison Boland Wymer '94
Kaitlin Schaeffer Yardley '99

† Deceased